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Accueil » Where to rent a vintage car in France ?

Where to rent a vintage car in France ?

    Find where to rent a vintage car

    We have all come across one of these exceptional collector’s cars at some point. Our eyes have stopped on this work of art of automotive design. The 30’s to 50’s were probably the purest curves of the golden age of the automobile.

    Everyone has wanted to rent a vintage car in France !

    This is where the obstacle course begins, too often we are dealing with passionate individuals with vehicles sometimes prestigious but unevenly maintained with a random insurance…

    National sites can propose you to rent a car via their platform for the insurances; yes, but the car of your dreams is not close to your home and too often, not available at the desired dates…

    So how do you go to rent a vintage car in France, especially if you are a group of 4 to 10 people and you would like to find 2 to 6 vintage vehicles in the same place, available on the same date ?

    It is already difficult to find a common date with his friends … !

    How about it ?

    Your bespoke car rental in Burgundy

    In Joigny, in the Yonne (89) in a stronghold of irreducible Burgundy people, close to the A.J. A Auxerre of Guy Roux, who joins the elite of French soccer this year, exists a company that still resists the imposed predominance of the car from across the Rhine ! Where we like different cars with a soul, the timeless car: THE MORGAN !

    This is a car from a time when aesthetics were more important than performance, and pleasure was more important than the timer !

    Bourgogne Roadster offers you a range of 6 Morgan and 124 Spider Fiat convertible for rent for a day or more according to your desires !

    Newer, insured and reliable cars with that great vintage look ! 

    Your desire to take the wheel of this timeless car takes shape, renting a prestige and vintage car in France becomes possible : enjoy yourself in a peaceful atmosphere on the beautiful small roads of the Burgundy countryside.

    Take time, time for yourself, with your partner or with friends, our 6 Morgans are waiting for you to discover Chablis, its great wines and its wine villages, Guédelon and the castles of the Dukes of Burgundy or the prestigious Basilica of Vézelay nestled up there on its eternal hill, an inescapable stage on the road to Santiago de Compostela.

    There is so much to see in Burgundy behind the wheel of our Morgan cars! Do not hesitate to write to us for more information about renting our timeless cars at