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Morgan 4/4 and Morgan +4

Choose the prestige car to rent for your stay in Burgundy

Rent a Morgan for a weekend or a few days to explore Burgundy. The vehicles are fully equipped with nowadays safety features. Since 1936, the Morgan has kept its retro look while giving a timeless and charming style at first sight !

Morgan Vaudesir

Fulfill your desires behind the wheel of this flaming car ! Comfortable, you will appreciate its elegance and smoothness when driving.

Morgan Montjoie

Discover the most beautiful castles of Burgundy in your Morgan. Hair in the wind drive this historic car !


Morgan grenouille

Visit Burgundy in a convertible car and drive along the most beautiful roads of the region ! An experience as authentic as it is unusual.


Book your bespoke car rental for a few days on the country road !


Explore the heritage of Burgundy villages ! Feel the freedom behind the wheel of this beautiful Morgan car.

Morgan ALOXE

Drive this beautiful Morgan car, perfect for an exceptional weekend with family or friends in Burgundy !

A dedicated service and a team of experts to rent a convertible in Burgundy


Our vehicles are 100% insured and serviced by our team


Our team assures you an exceptional stay in Burgundy!

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Trust our team to prepare your stay in Burgundy

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