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124 Spider

Drive a convertible car for your stay in Burgundy

Travel for a weekend or a few days in Burgundy and enjoy the countryside of France. Start your roadtrip of the beaten track in Burgundy and drive a modern convertible car to experience your french holidays in a different way.

Spider ChamberTin

Rent a modern fiat cabriolet for your weekend in Burgundy and explore the heritage of our beautiful region !

Spider Vougeot

Discover the culture of the region between castles and wine tasting at the wheel of a convertible, as flexible as elegant !

Spider CortoN

Visit Burgundy and drive the high end cabriolet rental for your stay. An authentic road trip to travel differently !

A dedicated service and a team of experts to rent a convertible in Burgundy


Our vehicles are 100% insured and serviced by our team


Our team assures you an exceptional stay in Burgundy!

bespoke rental

Trust our team to prepare your stay in Burgundy

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